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Posted By: katlaughing
24-Oct-10 - 05:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: October+ fall declutter & accountability
Subject: RE: BS: October+ fall declutter & accountability
Must be laundry day! Rog and I were both up around 4a...his foot was hurting and I had to go we slept in a bit. After we got up, I stripped the bed, washed the sheets which are in the dryer now. I had to fold a load which was in there before drying them. I also did the week's dishes. Had to call the doc this morning for an adjustment in meds as I wasn't doing as well w/out the diuretic. BP was fine, just hard to catch my breath. She wants to see me this week

Morgan came over and earned his other five bucks by mopping and taking the trash out. Did a great job..between his parents and us, he made $15 this weekend!

We had a huge deluge last night complete with lightning, thunder, and hail. Odd for this time of year; exciting, even if it did make Rog cringe each time, hoping the transmitter wouldn't take a hit.

Can't stay awake right now. Later,