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Posted By: Gibb Sahib
10-Oct-10 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: Its a song - 'Vote Republican'
Subject: RE: Its a song - 'Vote Republican'
While I think the song is well done -- and well performed! -- I do mostly agree with Taconicus. That is NOT to rain on your parade; I would hope people continue to make and enjoy the songs that "do something" for them. So my response is personal preference. And it's that these kind of things seem a bit like "conditional humour" -- Polish jokes and the like. Some people will get a big kick out of Polish jokes, whereas others are not able to agree to the condition that makes them funny. I might be someone that can see *why* a Polish joke is funny, and appreciate how it works well within the dictated rules of a genre. But if the premise of those rules is either ridiculous or objectionable, then they will not be my cup of tea.

In this case I object to the techniques of demonizing, essentializing, mud-slinging, selective evidence, etc etc that is the condition for making parodies of people belonging to different political parties. Even if I disagree with many/most of the policies of that party, I don't believe in attacking its members with these techniques.

Again, this is not to jump in and rank on your musical example, but it is to voice that there *is* sympathy for the argument.