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Posted By: Taconicus
10-Oct-10 - 01:59 PM
Thread Name: Its a song - 'Vote Republican'
Subject: RE: Its a song - 'Vote Republican'
If it makes you feel better about the practice, replace "hate" with "dislike" and replace "hate speech" with "political attack."

Regarding your presumption about which party I'm "an adherent of," two comments: First, how are a person's political leanings relevant to whether their arguments are valid? Second, I feel exactly the same way about "protest songs" directed against Democrats. My country is currently being torn apart by angry polarization, and I don't like it. That's my opinion. Whether you like it is up to you.

Of course, there are some groups against whom I'm perfectly happy to hear this kind of song. I completely approve of hate speech against Nazis, for instance, because I hate them. While I quite often disagree with both Democrats and Republicans, I don't hate them and I prefer civil discourse to invective.