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Posted By: Jim Dixon
02-Oct-10 - 10:15 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I am a Fine Musician - German song?
Subject: Lyr Add: THE WONDERFUL MUSICIAN (Greenaway/Davies)
Here are the lyrics to the song Joe linked to at The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music:

(Words, Walter Greenaway. Music, Vincent Davies)
London : Wood & Co, 1871.

1. A wonderful musician once in Germany did dwell,
His name quite unpronounceable, impossible to spell.
He could play on any instrument, no matter great of small.
This wonderful musician, he could play upon them all.

SPOKEN: Of course it would be quite impossible for me to enumerate all the instruments he could play, but among a few I may mention—

A big drum, a kettledrum, the fiddle, flute, and piccolo,
Piano, harp, harmonium, and many more beside.
A French horn, a sax horn, a trombone, and double bass,
Bones, banjo, tambourine, bassoon, and ophicleide.

2. He only had a little room upon the second floor,
And very little room indeed he had, you may be sure.
He had no chairs or table, no sofa and no bed.
He said he didn't want 'em, for of course he had instead—

3. The neighbors used to grumble for he would make such a din.
At daybreak every morning to practice he'd begin,
And sometimes from their slumbers they'd awake in such a fright,
For often he'd be playing in the middle of the night—

4. One night there was a fearful noise. they heard it far and near.
Many thought it was an earthquake and many quaked with fear.
Everybody thought, of course, something shocking had occurred.
They all stood shaking in the street and then distinctly heard—

5. Of course they very soon found out the cause of all the riot.
They heard another dreadful crash then everything was quiet.
They found the old musician had blown all his breath away
In trying if he all at once his instruments could play—