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24-Sep-10 - 09:00 AM
Thread Name: london folk songs
Subject: RE: london folk songs
thanks everybody i don't know where to start
1.thanks greg vilikins and dinah is a great help
2thanks pavane.i checked nics discography and could not find bright gold or 9 on her head i found.the beggar,a song i/ve heard sung, i couldn't find this wversion just lots of versions of the jolly beggasrman.
4 thanks kitty sydney carter is new to me and i will investigate further when i've more time
5 thanks referee i'veheard dave webber sing many times and will look out for this song
6thanks kitty. i do believe i've heard this song but couldn#t find any info on it except max celebrated his 67th wedding anniv in 2009.congrats
7thanks mo.iknow jack of all trades from the singing of the johnstons unable to find a london version.
8 thanks again lavane found lyrics to box on her head,now looking out for the tune.found geordy by another name.couldn.t find a london version of the beggar but know the song and will keep looking
9thanks bob.i love the butcher boy but sing the wild and wicked youth to the same tune.blow the canles out is great.never been a big fan of barbara allen but thats personal taste.found lyrics to bell bottom trousers in mudcat will further investigate a tune for it.
thanks again pavane.could not find the oyster girl but did find the lass of london on the nis jones cd
9thanks vermin found a great version of bailiffs daughter on youtube
thanks to all who have contributed i'm really glad i started this thread.i'm looking forward to putting a list together and recordimg my favourites.other than the criticcs group i'm surprised this has not been done before but maybe it has