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Posted By: The Sandman
10-Sep-10 - 02:54 PM
Thread Name: Child Ballads survived in oral trad.
Subject: RE: Child Ballads survived in oral trad.
goose gander, more old squit.
traditional singers and revivalists are not necessarily different animals.
if you had listened to bob blake and bob lewis you could not have said there was any noticeable difference thay were both good singers who had absorbed a style they did it by a diiferent route but the end product was indistinguishable.
no one is pretending to be anything, what some of us do is listen and absorb style[yes, even us revivalists], now whether the song was learned from a written source or orally matters little in comparison to the overall absorption which comes from listening to many traditional/source singers, yes, listening to style is the important thing ,not whether the song was learned orally or from a written source.,
so revivalist singers can become indistinguishable from source singers by listening carefully to many source singers, but the actual song does not necessarily have to be learned orally.
i will rephrase that to originated on broadsides