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Posted By: GUEST,Sai
01-Sep-10 - 08:38 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Concentration (kids' game)
Subject: RE: Origins: Concentration (kids' game)
First off, people are talking about many different games here; I believe we are focusing on the "people are dying children are crying..." one? Because the origin for that is not obvious. Though I wonder if there was meant to be a connection to the WW2 concentration camps..

Anyway, the meanings of the colors you see after being "pushed" that I grew up with are as follows:

Yellow -> You died in a field of flowers. (Happy)

Blue -> You died while staring up at a beautiful blue sky. (Happy)

Green -> You died on a grassy field. (Happy, though boring.)

Gray -> You hit pavement. (Not so happy.)

White -> You died in the snow. (Neutral)

Black -> You died before you hit the ground. (We saw it as neutral then, though at this age I would much prefer dying before I went -splat-, as it were.)

Purple -> You died in polluted air or you landed on Barney the purple dinosaur and killed him too. One boy said that when you landed on Barney you lived (he broke your fall) but being the morbid children we were, we quickly corrected him.

Orange -> Yepp, you guessed it. Died in an orange orchard.

Red -> Your blood splashed everywhere when you died. (Evidently, 'not' happy) I've heard varistions on this; anything from a shark attack to seeing the red curtain at a drama theatre ("Your play ends here"?)

Hope this helped/freaked out/entertained someone! ^_^