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Posted By: mousethief
16-Aug-10 - 02:22 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! 2.0 - Fit 1
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! 2.0 - Fit 1
Woohooo! Let's hear it for all our Fit 1 Challengees! You guys are great!

And now: AWARDS!

As you may have noticed, every entry gets a Silver BLOB, which is awarded for a specific line or lines that immediately jump out at the Judges on first reading. ("The Judges" = me.) Those are handed out as we go along.

In addition, every entrant also receives a Golden Cow Chip or Sandstone Ocarina award. These are awarded for best-in-class (for certain classes, and if a song in that class was entered), or for making the Judges react in a certain way (all will be explained).

From an ancient thread, Amos describes these awards:

Golden Cow Chip Awards are given to all Winners of the SONG CHALLENGE! Contest. These are permanent awards and should be displayed proudly and prominently on your mantel. There is one caveat, however. If it is discovered that any receiver of the Golden Cow Chip Award has used their trophy in a local (or international) cow chip tossing contest, said Chip shall be confiscated immediately and awarded to another Song Challengee.

I was thinking I would change these, but after more thought, thought maybe I should leave them as is to maintain continuity. (If anybody thinks that this is a desecration to the exalted name of the Gaelic Goddess, PM me and we can hash it out. Bring your sharpest pen.)

The Golden Cow Chips and Sandstone Ocarina awards are these (these are the only ones I could find -- if there are others I've left out, please bring them to my attention; also if you think we need a new award, PM me and we can talk it over -- everything is in flux until we get our stride):

Golden Cow Chip Award with Harp Ribbon
   (The Harp Ribbon is given for being able to make the Judges fall on the floor laughing OR make them short out their keyboard with tears)

Golden Cow Chip Award with Guinness Crest
   (The Guinness Crest is awarded for causing both Harp Ribbon conditions within one song)

Golden Cow Chip Award with Memorial MMario Silverplated Spittoon
   (The GCCWMMSPS is awarded to the Challenge! entry which evokes an instantaneous bubbling up of frothy mirth from out of the lips of the Judges and onto their monitor screen)

Golden Cow Chip with Doo-Lyn Ditty Digger Decoration
   (The Doo-Lyn Ditty Digger Decoration is awarded for the best cow chip chunking Country version of a song in a Challenge!)

Super Special Sandstone Sheila-Na-Gig Ocarina Award
   (The Super Special Sandstone Sheila-Na-Gig Ocarina Award is given to Challengees who warm the cockles and create a special warm and fuzzy feeling in the heart of the Judges)

Golden Cow Chip Award with Shamrock Cluster
   (The Shamrock Cluster is awarded for a very high level of imagination, imagery, and/or creative use of language in a song)

Golden Cow Chip Award with Cleigh's Blue Fume Shield
   (Cleigh's Blue Fume Shield is given to the best blues rendition of any challenge topic)

Golden Cow Chip Award with Two-Fer-One Coupon
   (The Two-Fer-One Coupon is awarded to those Challengees who use two or more Challenge! topics in one song -- this applies to double-Challenge! fits (two wacky stories to write about); we'll have one of those soon)
And there you have it! Now the Judges are going to go away and converse among himself as to which songs get which awards -- don't touch that dial!