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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
09-Aug-10 - 07:59 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! 2.0 - Fit 1
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! 2.0 - Fit 1
Here's one anyway:

The World Cup was over, Old England was down,
Such sad lamentation in country and town,
"We're broken, we're beaten", you can see grown men cry -
"Can you show us some way we can hold our head high?"
And from Southend in Essex an answer there came
"Oh yes, there's a way, if we conquer our shame."

Oh yes there's a way, but the way will be tough.
We must gather together and strip to the buff,
We must strip to the buff, from our head to our toe
And the bits in between, screaming out as we go.

So one hundred young heroes, and two slighly older,
Sat bum against bum and sat shoulder to shoulder,
And the men sat and shivered, both skinny and fat -
But the girls weren't dismayed. Essex girls aren't like that.
On that proud rollercoaster the fabled Green Scream,
As it gathered up speed, they sang "God Save the Queen"

Oh this is the way, as the coaster descends
All naked exposed to the sun and the winds
Wave around in the winds, from our head to our toe
And the bits in between, screaming out as we go.

And the record is broken, we have beaten them all,
When our country called out, we have answered the call,
And the shame of our country on that far football pitch,
Has been won back in Essex. With not even a stich,
With not even a stitch, by that Essex seaside,
We sat there and flashed, that magical trip,
We have shown what could be England's new winning strip.

On the pitch, in the pub, on the Telly, I say,
See proud England walk out in a casual way,
And with never s stich - see the other side cower
Come the day when we dare, we will win in that hour.