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Posted By: katlaughing
30-Jul-10 - 02:12 PM
Thread Name: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
Subject: RE: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
LOL...I think he's grown bored of the vacuuming, for now.:-)

I do use librarything, when I remember to. I like to keep track of what I've read, esp. now that I don't hang to books like I used to...I have a shortcut on my desktop, but still keep forgetting to go there. I used to be able to get a print out from the used bookstore where I buy books, sometimes, of all the books I have bought there. It made it easy to keep track of what I've read (so much fiction, I forget, esp. as I read for pleasure more than anything), but the new owners no longer allow/provide that, though their system does catch it if I try to buy one I've already purchased before.

So, I do need to use librarything more as it is the only record I have of what I've read. It is very easy to use and can be kept completely private, plus I have never received any email from them except a "welcome to." I have not explored the whole site, there's quite a bit available, but for now, it is a great thing for me.

I've been struggling for years, now, to get past the psychological effects of being ill for so long and being on O2 for over 8 years pre-new heart valve. For so long, my energy was ltd. and we just knew I could only do so much, then had to stop. I was doing better until the pneumonia last year. Now, I think the mind is finally catching up to where the physical wants to be.

This week, each morning which has started out with my exercising and/or getting out of the house and being active, not just sitting and watching Morgan swim, I have noticed much more energy throughout the day, than I've been used to. My brain was still back in the "look at all you've done this morning, must rest" mode. Getting past that psychological speed bump (sleeping policeman)has been tough, but I think I've made a break-through this week. Instead of staying in this morning and just doing a bit of housework, I left for the post office, then the grocery store, all by myself, plus another stop at the drug store. I then came home and still had so much energy, I carried the groceries in, washed and prepared the veggies and fruit I bought, plus cleaned off the kitchen counter and put the dishes in to soak. I also emptied all of the dregs of lotion, into one bottle so that's clutter gone from the bathroom, plus I scrubbed the commode.

I am not done and this is SO NEW to me. I've talked with the therapist about this, puzzled as to why I just haven't seemed to get past it once I had the new valve put in. After all, Letterman and Robin Wms. have been gung-ho ever since they had their surgeries!**bg** Anyway, we agreed that physicians/surgeons usually never address the psychological implications, positive and/or negative, of such a major event in a person's life.

Yesterday, Morgan went home at noon while I was at the dentist's. By 115p, I surprised him, by picking him up and taking him back to the pool just to play. It was hot outside, though not as bad as it has been, another thing which usually keeps me in, but there was a breeze and shade, so we stayed there for two hours while he had a blast and I had a good time visiting with a young mother. Any other time, I would have said, no, it's too hot and I don't have the energy to go out like that after already going to swimming, the dentist's, etc. As it is, after I dropped him off at home, HE was dog-tired and I still had energy to come home and do a few things until Rog came home about 530p when we had supper. THIS was a "Mama" Morgan is unused to and it was wonderful to surprise him with such a treat as pooltime sans lessons; the first time this whole, hot summer.

Thanks for listening...had to share this with my friends!