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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
25-Jul-10 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
Subject: RE: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
I have revised my estimate on who got more skunk. This morning it was Poppy who still had the hot skunk smell on her nose. I'm still treating them with the Nature's Miracle, they haven't had any baths yet. Later on today, though. I'm going to go by the Office Depot near here and get one of those old fashioned bottle sponge applicators so I can roll it on rather than pour and spread.

They were funny last night, so sheepish and acting like they must be in trouble. I rolled them over a few times, got the enzyme on their coats, and finally had to let them do a few tricks for treats so they'd know they're good girls. Every so often you just have to chase a skunk out of the yard; this is a challenge too great to be ignored. I understand this.

Today I'm waiting for a call from my peach guru. Last night's work yielded seven very pretty pint jars, but I need to refine my method.

I kept the kitchen pretty clean as I worked, with a pan full of hot soapy water in one side of the double sink and a pan of hot clean rinse water in the other side of the sink. A quick swish in and out and set to dry in the dishwasher kept the counters clear for working.

With skunk smell extant in the yard I abandoned my plan to hang out laundry this morning. At least they let it get away. I have to go get them new collars. Their existing leather collars now smell like skunk.