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Posted By: wysiwyg
14-Jul-10 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
Subject: RE: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
Another squeam alert--

Yesterday, our outdoor-employee-kitteh Sam(antha) sought a cool, damp, shady spot to curl up in and go moribund. When it poured rainstorms last night and she didn't move to a dryer location, we moved her to a padded, dry, sheltered mat and encircled some of her wet fur loosely in a blankie, so she'd dry gradually and not freeze from evaporation.

She got off it in the night and is now missing.... probably took herself off to a spot we can't find... old smartypants.

Good thoughts are wanted to Hardi-- his employee.

(Squeam alert off)

OTOH-- she was catching and eating vermin just a few days ago, so maybe she will come back for the din-din she eschewed yesterday!

We don't think she got pyzened, BTW-- no interest in the water set beside her lair all day ydy.

Also BTW she's been helped before with exactly what mouldy just described-- and has not been asking for help. If she wanted us she would let us know...