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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
09-Jul-10 - 05:14 PM
Thread Name: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
Subject: RE: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
I've talked back and forth with Philippa, and sent her information to my friend Tom (who might also help) to send to his friend Ray. Tom and Ray sound like their own dynamic duo, don't they? Comedy instead of ice cream, though. Anyway, when Tom saw what I was sending Ray, he said he'd love to help also, so she may get a couple of sets of really good eyes sorting those papers and books. Tom worked with me out at Ellis Island, that's where we met, and we always were poking around in abandoned rooms and buildings, hoping to find and rescue more papers that were clues to the Island's past uses. I can't think of a better paper detective to help filter (it sounds very interesting, but I'm not talking myself into going up there - I have plenty here to work on).

What Philippa has to her advantage is the same thing in my collection of handbills - they constitute a collection with real value. Research and monetary both, and the best way to realize both is to donate them to an institution after doing some research and an appraisal (and photos to document the collection in general), and taking a tax deduction. And the best thing for her, is if the estate doesn't need the entire deduction, the heirs can inherit a share of the donatible deduction that is left over. I learned this when working on my father's estate. It didn't pay any income tax for the last year of his life because he had so many good clothes and shoes and household items that we donated to St. Vincent De Paul. I figure about 100 homeless men with size 11 feet got a new pair of walking shoes after Dad died. He was the Imelda Marcos of Puget Sound.