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07-Jul-10 - 04:29 AM
Thread Name: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
Subject: RE: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
Not a Guest, really, just Andrea sans cookies
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Hi everyone!

I haven't been TOTALLY idle so far...
I have found some wood restoration oil in Lakeland which is going to bring back the block-tiling in the hall beautifully. I tried a bit, and it worked. It isn't supposed to go on the polyurethane varnished stuff, but it's so scraped and scratched that it can get in where it's needed.

I did York boot fair on Saturday, and failed to get what I wanted for the skis, but decided yesterday that as the Autism Society's shop were willing to take them, they could go to a good cause instead. They will probably get more from them than I would. I also off-loaded the rest of the leftovers.

A batch of logs were delivered on Monday, and the log store is nearly full, which will look better when I market the house. I gave the yard a good sweeping too. Today's task is to finish the hall floor and get more stuff into the loft. I have put my dad's old tool chest (an Edwardian wooden chest) back to that use. It was storing old framed photos and other (African) artefacts. I am going to take the photos from their rather tatty frames and store them in smaller containers. The rest can be put into storage crates. I also plan to get as much of my music collection as possible onto my iPod, and then store it. This will take many weeks, I think. It may then mean investing in a decent docking system, and I need to make sure that's what I want.

The mystery I am trying to solve at the moment is how some hot joss stick ash leapt about 2 feet and burnt the (fawn) carpet...the one I had on last night is still there, and I didn't see the burn yesterday, or smell it (wool carpet). Hmmm!

Tomorrow the hedge down the side of the drive is being cut back. It's from next door, and they've done their side. It's those ghastly Leylandii things, and the previous neighbours always used to get my side done too (although, let's face it, we were - and still are - good friends). My new neighbours are perfectly nice, but I have hardly seen them in the 2 years they have been there.

And I've gained 3 pounds, but that isn't surprising, as I have had meals out quite a lot since quitting WW, and have rediscovered the joys of really good cheese!