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Posted By: LilyFestre
01-Jul-10 - 10:50 AM
Thread Name: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability
Subject: RE: July-2010-DeClutter & Exercise Accountability ☺
Allison, if you can figure out a fence that keeps out the woodchucks, can you send me a photo of it? We have a groundhog problem this year too....he gets under the fence and burrows under the electric fence...Pete has taken to shooting at him. First with his pistol (too far to do that really) and now the shotgun is out and sitting by the door...shells are close by and if Pete gets his way, the groundhog is going to be worm food soon!

Wow...July already! My goals for this month are to get a decent amount of stuff ready for the yard sale mid month, to go to yoga once a week (Have a sitter for one day, may ask a neighbor to sit for a second day). In all the cancer news I see lately they are highly recommending that people who have or had cancer get as much exercise in as they can.....kind of a no brainer if you ask me because cancer cannot live in oxygenated blood. God bless those people who can still manage exercise while going through treatment! I'm also walking more just around the house or when walking up the road here....too many gas drilling truck traffic (they speed and kick up so much dust that body would choke to death if they were out walking) plus we had bear tracks...mama and baby ones...not too long ago and I'm not going to tempt fate with that! I went grocery shopping yesterday and the only processed foods I purchased were peanut butter (I don't like the natural kind), salad dressing and sugar free pistachio pudding for a salad I'm taking to a picnic this weekend...everything else is fresh food...whole food....good for us food. Aside from me wanting to lose weight and be more healthy, Pete woke up with heartburn the other night and scared me half to death as he was holding his chest. Yep. Time to get back on track. I did NOT go through chemo so he could have a heart attack and die on me and I told him so!!! :p
    For today, I am going to clean out my living room of anything that we don't use or want anymore and set it aside to be tagged for the yard sale. This, of course, depends entirely on Jeremiah and how much he lets me get done. He was up at 2:30am until 4:00am. God bless Daddy for getting up with the baby as I didn't hear a thing.
    Laundry is in the dryer, other loads that have been stacked in our room have been put away. Dishes are done. Table cleared. Bottles made. Just about ready to make salad for later tonight.

    Have a great day everybody!