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Posted By: Tannywheeler
17-Jun-10 - 10:08 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Horse Named Bill - Know More??
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Another Horse Named Bill - Know More??
Version I learned is a bit diff:
2nd verse: "He ran so fast he couldn't stop;
            He ran into a barbershop
            And fell exhaustionized, with his eyeteeth,
            In the barber's left shoulder.

3rd verse: "Oh, I know a girl & her name is Daisy;
            When she sings her cat goes crazy
            With St.Vitus', & delirium tremens,
            And all kinds of cataleptics.

4th       "One day she sang a song about
            A man who turned himself inside out
            And jumped into the river--
            He was so very(yawn) slee-eepy.

5th       "Oh what can you do in a case like that?
            What can you do but jump on your hat,
            And your toothbrush, & your grandmother,
            And anything else that's helpless??

6th       "I know a whale & when she smiles
            You see teeth for miles & miles,
            And tonsils, & spareribs,
            And things too fierce to mention.

7th       "Her name is Lena, what a whale!!
            She eats pork chops by the bale,
            By the bushel, by the schooner,
            And also by the pillbox.

8th       "Her name is Lena; she's a peach,
            But don't leave food within her reach--
            Or babies, or nursemaids,
            Or charklit icecream sodas."

(It's possible that verse 5 was sung at 8 instead.) I associate my learning of this version with an Ed McCurdy recording, too. Tw