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Posted By: Art Thieme
05-Sep-00 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: Help: Good Harmonica for Beginner?
Subject: RE: Help: Good Harmonica for Beginner?

The prez might've said, once upon a time, that he'd suggest a harMonica Lewinsky.

But alas, now he has seen the light and, in that bright beam, seen clearer than ever what is P.C. and what isn't.

Here's a polemic offshoot (thread creep) over to Kendall's LOSS thread: (This has got to be the worst case of thread creep ever perpetrated here at Mudcat. Yes, I'm sort of proud !)

If the impeachment of Bill had no political reason (as the Republicans insist) and was, after all, only because the man lied and that was against the law-----well, if and when Geo. Bush jr. is maybe elected, we ought to immediately call for a Special Prosecutor and IMPEACH the man since he called for a higher tone and morality but apparently LIED. He showed his true and base nature when he sought to denigrate a member of the press corps earlier today by saying a bad word into an open mike---not in itself an impeachable offense but proof positive of him being a liar. Yes, he did lie, right?
Do ya think we have any chance of hiring Rush Limbaugh to go on a liberal radio network and cruelly do a hatchet job on Bush for a few years? ---It's like aging and tenderizing prepares a good steak to endure the nearly eight years it can take to prepare it for the torture it must endure all while twisting on the spit of public degredation!? If we pay him enough, I'm sure Rush would gladly switch "camps"/radio stations like most people switch jobs in these days of little loyalty from neither the boss or the worker.

Yes, as they say, If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can usually depend on the support of Paul."

Yeah, in these manic days of a mesmerizing economy, more money is the answer. If you pay 'em enough, they can take the LOSS of anything. They'll even learn to like (pretty much)the Brave New World. We can get used to anything when there's no other choice. ;-)

Matt, I'd suggest a Hohner "Marine Band" or a "Blues Harp". Last I looked, they cost $2.50---but that was 35 years ago. These days they probably cost so much that you need to keep 'em in a safety deposit box. When I was young, I took the first dollar I ver earned and put it in a ten cent frame. Now the dime is worth a dollar and the dollar is worth a dime. But I'm writing to you on a computer----so it ain't all bad, right?

Have fun blowin'. Bill does---goin' and comin' !

Art Thieme