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Posted By: Fred McCormick
28-May-10 - 03:55 PM
Thread Name: Here's to the Women! (CD by Linda Allen)
Subject: ADD: Women of Greenham (Kevin Littlewood)
Hi Linda,

"I'd love to hear about other song writers who like to write about women's history."

I had to do a double take when I saw the title of your album. It is strikingly reminiscent of the title of a song which a local songwriter called Kevin Littlewood wrote about 25 years ago. The text is below, but to explain. It was about a peace camp which a group of women set up outside Greenham Common Air Force Base in Berkshire in 1981,to protest against the use of Cruise missiles.

Keep on writing. We need mountains of songs about women's rights, workers rights, race equality, peace, and a greener, fairer better world. And they're just for starters.

(Kevin Littlewood)

A column of women, united and strong,
Voices raised, someone must heed them,
Sisters together now, marching along,
Straight down the road into Greenham.

Chorus: And here's to the peace that we seek, you and me,
Sing out the words show you mean them,
Raise up your voices, and sing with me,
`Here's to the women of Greenham.'

Camped by the fence, near the engines of death,
Travellers say they have seen them,
Soldiers and politicians, with every breath,
They're cursing those women of Greenham.

Out in the sun in the heat of the day,
Out in the snows that could freeze them,
Women and children, at work and at play,
Telling the world about Greenham.

So stand by your future and stand by your dreams,
Stand by them now for you need them,
And now before this world blows apart at the seams,
You stand by the women of Greenham.