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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
25-May-10 - 12:04 PM
Thread Name: Robin Hood in the Crusades?
Subject: RE: Robin Hood in the Crusades?
Nerd - I'm just being flippant referring to "tights", but on a more serious note, I've never been that sure who and when the different forms of nether garment belonged to. What attire was just a fashion amongst nobles as opposed to what the peasantry used, and so forth.
Also on the subject of "hose" where the distinctions lie between long socks (or stockings) worn with a tunic, long socks joined in the middle (tights) and joined in the middle but no feet (leggings). Would they all have been "hose"?
If ballads refer to Robin wearing hose, is that because peasants would also be wearing them, or is it mentioned because he was wearing the garb of the rich, bought from the spoils of robbery, or by sending some noble home with a bare bum?
Just passing thoughts...