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Posted By: Don Firth
24-May-10 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: Robin Hood in the Crusades?
Subject: RE: Robin Hood in the Crusades?
On the "Locksley" / "Loxley" thing:    In various books and such, I've always seen it spelled as "Locksley," but being seperated from the area in question by the Atlantic Ocean and the North American continent (I live close to the Pacific coast), I bow to superior local knowledge.

Yes, Robin Hood (or a character much like himóRobert of Locksley, as I recall, whom his cohorts called "Robin") plus Friar Tuck and miscellaneous others do appear in Scott's Ivanhoe (a book I read positively bug-eyed when I was about thirteen). I recall a scene in which Friar Tuck and the mysterious Black Knight are sharing a meat pasty and engaging in jocular conversation. The good friar is unaware that the Black Knight is actually King Richard, ransomed and returned from his captivity on his way back from the crusades, hence their tendency to laugh uproariously and punch each other on the shoulder in a most familiar manner. The friar had no idea who this jolly, good-natured fellow really was.

A movie or two has had Ivanhoe as the Black Knight, but not according to Scott. Ivanhoe appeared in the tournament early in the book as the Disinherited Knight, his father, Cedric the Saxon having disinherited Ivanhoe when he disobeyed him and went on the crusade with Richard.

Wow! Gotta haul it out and read it again! Lots of action! Vivid writing! Exciting stuff!!

Don Firth

P. S. By the way, here's a piece of Hollywood trivia:    In the Errol Flynn movie, "The Adventures of Robin Hood," there's a scene in which Olivia de Haviland (Maid Marian) is riding a golden palomino through Sherwood Forest. A young cowboy star named Roy Rogers saw the movie and said, "I gotta have that horse!!" He contacted the movie studio, which put him in touch with the stable that owned the horse (named "Golden Cloud"), did a deal with them and thus acquired the horse, which he renamed "Trigger."    CLICKY.

Now, if you're ever on "Jeopardy" and the question comes up, you're all set to go!. No need to thank me! (But a share of your winnings would not be amiss. . . .)