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20-May-10 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: Accents: Russel Crowe and Robin Hood?
Subject: RE: Accents: Russel Crowe and Robin Hood?
I wonder whether Americans, Australians, or Irish would mind if some of their folk heroes spoke in films with a English West country accent, Lancastrian, modern English upper class accent or such like? Maybe they did.

I like the idea of doing films in the historically accurate languages it would certainly add a twist to our predjudices - take Braveheart, for example, Edward the I couldn't speak English (Edward III was the first English King after the conquest to use English)and so he and his barons would have spoken in Norman French as would have many of the nobles in Scotland. Wallace as a name came over with William the conquerer so his language would also have been French or Flemish. The ordinary people at the bottom of the pile would have spoken different dialects of English, some would have spoken Gaelic(from the Highlands) and it is also possible that Welsh or the northern version of it still survived in different parts of Scotland and Northern England - there is evidence for this in place names, e g Aberdeen - mouth of the river Dee, and folklore, as well as possibly old Norse. It would be a more interesting, more complex and less distorted window on our history.