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Posted By: Ron Davies
06-May-10 - 09:04 PM
Thread Name: Falsetto
Subject: RE: Falsetto
This is a very worthwhile topic. Thanks to Jerry for starting it back in 2003. I think the link between falsetto and yodeling is especially of note (no pun intended, of course).

I have a strong falsetto-- enough to sing the tenor as strongly as virtually all the other tenors including all the notes, on several demanding pieces like the Vaughn Williams Sea Symphony. In fact without falsetto I have a lousy range--only about one and a half octaves. Falsetto doubles it--now at least. Since I can also now sing low C's (the one 2 lines below the bass staff).   I used to only be able to hit low F's.

But without falsetto I couldn't be in any choral group.   Instead of that, I've been for about 20 years in a big group which has performed in places like the Royal Albert Hall and Spoleto (the one in Italy). Our usual venue is the Kennedy Center concert hall.

I owe it all to (decades) of singing with the Beach Boys in the car (Frankie Valli is just suicide).

In choral groups a huge emphasis is placed on a smooth transition between full voice and falsetto.   So I have in fact learned that.

However, it makes yodeling totally impossible. Yodeling wants to put the break back into the voice that choral groups have declared verboten.   Can't do it at all. All I can do is whistle the yodel.