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26-Apr-10 - 09:00 PM
Thread Name: Joni Mitchell -Dylan is 'a plagiarist'
Subject: RE: Joni Mitchell -Dylan is 'a plagiarist'
Mayo Clinic website:

"Morgellons disease is a mysterious skin disorder characterized by disfiguring sores and crawling sensations on and under the skin. Although Morgellons disease isn't widely recognized as a medical diagnosis, experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are investigating reports of the condition, which they refer to as unexplained dermopathy.
"Signs and Symptoms
Skin rashes or sores that can cause intense itching
Crawling sensations on and under the skin, often compared to insects moving, stinging or biting
Fibers, threads or black stringy material in and on the skin
Severe fatigue
Inability to concentrate and short term memory loss
Behavioral changes
Joint pain
Vision changes.

"Morgellons disease shares characteristics with various recognized conditions, including Lyme disease, liver or kidney disease, schizophrenia, drug or alcohol abuse, and.... delusional parasitosis.

Reports from all states and 15 countries. Most reported cases are clustered in CA, TX, FL.
Establish a caring health care team. Find a doctor who acknowledges your concerns and does a thorough examination. Since Morgellons disease often requires frequent follow-up visits, a local health care team may be most convenient.
To learn more about Morgellons disease or to report suspected cases.... call the CDC Morgellons information and voice mail line at 404-718-1179.

Note: The Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, is non-profit.