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Posted By: Little Hawk
25-Apr-10 - 08:17 PM
Thread Name: Joni Mitchell -Dylan is 'a plagiarist'
Subject: RE: Joni Mitchell -Dylan is 'a plagiarist'
"The reason why people object is given in the definition of plagiarism above was not because he was successful at it as you claim but because he did not always acknowledge his borrowings."

Uh-huh. ;-) That's what they say. And there's some truth in that. But I think if it wasn't for the fact that he IS Bob Dylan....they just wouldn't care. See what I mean?

If you or I had done it, for example...they wouldn't care. We're not successful enough that it would matter to them. This is why you have to be extra careful when you attain any great success...or you have to develop a thick skin...because the world will expect a great deal more of you than they do of most people, and your critics will have a field day. Will it be enough consolation that your most diehard fans and sycophants will praise even your poorest work?

Probably not.