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Posted By: Little Hawk
23-Apr-10 - 06:41 PM
Thread Name: Joni Mitchell -Dylan is 'a plagiarist'
Subject: RE: Joni Mitchell -Dylan is 'a plagiarist'
An ailment caused by an inner mental, emotional or nervous condition is STILL a genuine ailment, whether or not it can be named, identified, cured with known drugs or surgery or other known medical means, and whether or not it had its origin in any known physical causative factors.

The medical people ought to get that through their thick heads, seems to me. Just because something doesn't meet their fossilized ideas of what constitutes "a medical problem" doesn't mean it isn't a real problem that needs some kind of treatment and resolution. They seem to feel that if they don't know how to deal with it, it isn't real. Again, I say, what arrogance.