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Posted By: Paul Burke
10-Mar-10 - 01:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: 96 Million Missing Women in Asia
Subject: RE: BS: 96 Million Missing Women in Asia
Silly person. Things we could do, and that won't be done for other reasons:

(1) Make asylum applications easier for women from affected cultures. Do this for immigrants ("economic migrants") from Haiti too, since we're agreed that action is needed there.

(2) Encourage welfare benefits in affected countries. Much of the over- valuation of male offspring comes from the (probably correct) perception that they'll be better earners, and so a better insurance against poverty. They need welfare benefits in Haiti too.

(3) Make unselective birth control easier to get, especially condoms, which also protect against AIDS and the woman can SEE being used, and encourage widespread knowledge of techniques.

(4) Laugh at the bad cultures, make them feel inferior, which of course they are.