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Posted By: Emma B
09-Mar-10 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: 96 Million Missing Women in Asia
Subject: RE: BS: 96 Million Missing Women in Asia
GG I'm 'angry' about all treatment of women as inferiors (read some of my posts here!) but I 'recognize' that three thousand years of cultural practice is not gong to be overcome overnight by a feminist like myself merely expressing that anger on a music forum.

Change in these countries has to come from within in the same way that the abolitionist movement gained ground in the UK and America.

In fact there are genuine if desperately 'gradual' attempts to change ancient practices from within as I mentioned in my post

Maybe 'economic/social' sanctions have brought about some change in other situations but for countries the size of China and India, who are major global producers, this does not seem to be an option so back to my (and Paul's) query

apart from direct 'police' action

What would you propose to do about it?

Personally I believe that the banning of prenatal sex identification by ultrasound and other diagnostic methods could reduce abortions of female fetuses but it's not easy to put the technology genie back in the bottle but, as this is a discussion - what are your 'solutions' - as you raised the issue

How do you impliment your 'moral persuasion'?