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Posted By: Goose Gander
09-Mar-10 - 02:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: 96 Million Missing Women in Asia
Subject: RE: BS: 96 Million Missing Women in Asia
" . . . any attempt at intervention will probably only lead to conflict in which loss of life by selective birth control is replaced by loss of life by bullets and bombs."

Good grief, talk about jumping to conclusions? ANY attempt at intervention? Who the fuck is talking about "bullets and bombs"? Certainly not me, nor anything else who has commented on this thread. This is about addressing a problem, one that involves more than simply selective abortion (as awful as that is) but also female infanticide (MURDER for the linquistically challenged), as well as unequal access to healthcare and nutrition (both "a medical AND a cultural problem," to use your words).

I wonder if the abolitionist movement would have gotten anywhere if those involved had fretted over the advisability of "charging in" and 'changing thousands of years of cultural practice'?

I recall that you started a thread, with justifiably outrage, dealing with the attempt by certain groups to make homosexuality a capital crime in Uganda. And now it seems you are willing to view the mass murder of females in Asia as simply a 'cultural practice' that will have to be settled by 'natural selection'. Priceless.