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Posted By: Dennis the Elder
06-Mar-10 - 03:24 PM
Thread Name: BBC Radio 2 Ballad of the Miners Strike
Subject: RE: BBC Radio 2 Ballad of the Miners Strike
We can argue about the pros and cons of the miners' strike and Arthur Scargill forever. I was not particularly in favour of the strike or against it, what I was and still am is for the people who were miners and their rights. I stated in a previous post that I live in a pit Town, was born in a Pit Village, in a Pit house and both granddads worked down pits all their working lives", I could be nothing but pro miner. I also know that working down a pit was not a wonderful and easy place to work, but it was a place to work. Unemployment in the town where I live is still way above the national average and this was originally due to the demise of the mining industry and demoralisation of families, where well paid jobs were lost. I had many friends who actually, worked in the mines then and very few now, although quite a few friends who are ex miners.
I do not believe that Arthur Scargill, who I have met, was or is the nicest person in the world, but the theories he quoted then have, in the majority, been proved to be true, unlike the words of the politicians of the time, which have again in the majority been shown to be the opposite.   Living in a mining town was, believe it or not, a good place to live, with a very strong sense of community. The town is the same, but the kindredship and the community have been much reduced. It will never be the same. I know who I blame for this and it is not Arthur Scargill. The main thing that he was guilty of was underestimating the cunning of Margaret Thatcher. He was drawn into a strike at the wrong time of the year and well before it should have started.
I think we should perhaps draw a line under our differences of opinion and concentrate on the wonderful songs that have been the result of the programme. Congratulations to all involved.