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Posted By: Joe Offer
26-Aug-00 - 03:15 AM
Thread Name: New Thread Acronym Suggestion - 'UN'
Subject: RE: New Thread Acronym Suggestion - 'UN'
Well, I just took a look at the Do Not Post to This Thread thread. It's pretty good. No, I don't think a thread like that would be deleted, although I might throw the word "limerick" into a couple of message titles to make 'em easier to find. It's all a matter of balance. I do think the best thing we could do to achieve the balance is this:

Do Not Respond to Flamers and Trolls

If somebody starts a thread that has a menacing tone to it, let the thread die. DON'T respond, just let it die. Attempts to turn a flame thread around to something worthwhile may occasionally work - but not usually. If you don't respond, then we can quietly delete things, if there's a need for that.
I know there are many of us who, in true folkie fashion, would like to "save" the flamers and trolls, but please don't. They'll eat you alive, and they'll make a mess of the Mudcat in the process.
-Joe Offer-