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Posted By: Joe Offer
26-Aug-00 - 12:43 AM
Thread Name: New Thread Acronym Suggestion - 'UN'
Subject: RE: New Thread Acronym Suggestion - 'UN'
Let's keep thinking out loud on this for a while. I think we're getting somewhere. As for Catspaw's objection about lyrics request, I think I'd better explain official policy - if a song is the database or in the Forum, then we should answer requests by posting a link or giving search instructions. If, however, the song is NOT in the database or Forum, then we generally should copy and post the lyrics. I suppose if it's a really dumb song you think noboy here is going to ask for again, that's another matter - but generally, we should post lyrics, not links. So, song requests that are answered by pointing people elsewhere asre something that quickly lose their value. One other problem with song requests is that they show up in a search, even though they may not have any substantial information. This can turn people away from threads on a song that DO have information. I think the decision on deleting such threads is something that's best governed by individual judgment, not rules.
Then there are the "XXX Sex" and "Do Not Post Here" and "How Many Mudcatters Have Heads" threads. I don't think there was any particular malice intended by the person who started the "sex" thread, it certainly was ill-advised. Heck, we haven't had a Boy Scout in here for years, and wouldn't ya know he's come in today! (Hey, maybe he found us by searching for XXX SEX, eh?). Max deleted the thread, and I guess there was no harm done. I think I would have preferred to rename the thread to something tamer and let it be, but I don't have the ability to rename threads.
Now, when it appears a thread was started with malicious intent, like the "How Many Mudcatters Have Heads" thread, maybe it would be an idea to delete it outright, before it gets really nasty. I dunno. Maybe not. I do know that there are times when I look at the Forum enu, and it appears that the idiots have completely taken over.
I wish that people would take a moment before they post and think a bit about our image. If you post a message to a thread and keep it alive, will the thread make us like a Folk Forum? One or two silly threads is nice - but if the majority of threads on the Forum Menu mean noting to most people, then there's a problem.

As I understand it the overload of temporary information here is not so much a matter of storage. It takes up a lot of space to store every word typed by every Mudcatter - but not THAT much space. The problem is in having our search engines search through all that stuff. Maybe the solution is to move the temporary stuff into a non-searchable archive, or maybe just set the search engines to bypass certain threads that are temporary in nature. Maybe they could still be searchable by title, but eliminated from our regular searches that look mostly for music information. Maybe we could even have somebody write a summary of each archived thread, and that summary could be scanned by the search engines.

The way Information Technology works in the corporate world is that a bunch of managers tell the IT people what they want, practical or not; and the IT people try to do what they're told, practical or not. then IT gives the impractical software to the workers, who then have to adjust their entire lives to accommodate the idiocies of the software.

A better way to approact problems is for people to discuss the matter and throw out all their dreams and ideas, and to give some idea about what they think is most important. then IT goes to work and prepares several options, which are presented to the workers, and then they work together to come up with a solution that works well and satisfies as many needs as possible.

I think we've agreed on these priorities so far: Any other priorities?
-Joe Offer-