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Posted By: Richard Bridge
01-Mar-10 - 04:26 AM
Thread Name: Lower Coke Sun 28 Feb
Subject: RE: Lower Coke Sun 28 Feb
What's in that tea you leopards drink?

First was Jan 28, second Feb 28. How can you have missed three?

Last (unless I schedule another) this year will be Mar 21 (not 28), hope to see you astound the locals then.

We had a slightly smaller crowd this time, but some may have been put off by the weather - a number of local roads were flooded but (hooray) not my house this time. Yet. Alan flooded his ignition between Val's house and mine. Don said the bus had to go through puddles 8 inches deep. The lower stretch of the old Grain Road was reported not safe for low-slung cars. The shop next door to my house put out sandbags (and then took them in again presumably in case they were stolen).

There were plenty of combined effort roast spuds (I peeled and parboiled, Big Mary roasted in pub oven) and lots of other nibbly things, and some fine high spots. I particularly enjoyed a couple of Alan and Linda's things, and "The Bold Fisherman" rang off in true "revival traditional" style, in the time signature of "one", unaccompanied and with weapons of mass harmonisation.

Big Mary demanded "Ride On" (double entendre not intended) and got it in the Barden version. No Worries were skillful and their World War 1 segue was much appreciated by local Roland whose father who enlisted in WW1 under a false name and under age had just died. Roland also sang "Shoe-Shine-Sally", a mildly smutty army song, to assembled glee. The Hotel Torremolinos went down with its usual verve and subtlety to the glee of the locals. Clive who used to have an Ovation copy but now plays an Encore produced a fine piece in open G that was much liked. Annie wound me up as usual with songs of Irish pride and a mischievous grin. VT was well on song and produced inter alia a trad or tradalike (I don't know which) that was new to me and a number of verses of which had strong similarities to the words of "The False Bride" which I do to the tune of "I once loved a lass". CS was as vocally stunning as usual and got pretty well everyone going with Alison Grimes. Chris the local ventured into DADGAD and may put new strings on for next time. Naughty 40 was well received. Sheppey Paul managed to get a seat where he could watch the (silent) football on the square eyed god and still sing and play. Don raised the usual laughs and all liked his serious song using (with Les's permission) the words of Les Barker.

I was delighted to be asked to do a long one, in the early stages before all had arrived, and the Steeleye (or is it Fairport) version of Matty Groves stretched into a choogling almost funk massed band effort complete with improvised words in places due to a conflict between the Amber Ale and rationality.

Alas by 5 pm the background noise from those watching the silent foolsball had become too loud for us to continue, so we retired for squidge, but all in all, a pretty good 5 hours.