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Posted By: Mrrzy
25-Aug-00 - 01:55 PM
Thread Name: New Thread Acronym Suggestion - 'UN'
Subject: RE: New Thread Acronym Suggestion - 'UN'
I also want to recommend another set of thread types: History Info requests/adds. Sometimes what people are interested in is either the history behind the lyrics (à la my Tom Dooley thread) or behind the tune (à la what my Thy Cheek Is Of The Rose's Hue thread crept into). I'd like to add a Hist. Req. and Hist. Add categories.

But about your suggestion, katwitha(nother)goodidea, I started using BS for non-musical stuff but soon switched to adding NONMUSIC in the thread title, in deference to someone who'd asked for that. So I use BS when I want to chat about something musical that doesn't fall under Lyrics Requested, Lyrics Add, or Help categories, and BS (NON-MUSIC) for the ones I just think people who share one interest might ALSO like to discuss. Under this category I include my Joe Lieberman thread. I don't think I am guilty of posting anything nonmusical that pissed anyone off, in fact I tend to get Good Thread Mrrzy comments. (Feel free to correct me on this one! But kindly, please!) But I do think that just because we all have an interest in music in common doesn't mean we have nothing else in common. Anyone who doesn't want to participate in a thread, don't. Just click Back and go on to the next one. I don't understand why people who don't want to participate in one thread feel that others shouldn't be either, so they post things like This thread is crap. If you think it's crap, don't post to it. But just because YOU think it's crap doesn't mean it IS. Opinions aren't facts.

Rant off.