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Posted By: gnu
21-Feb-10 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Small cut in skin bleeding
Subject: BS: Small cut in skin bleeding
I hope that title helps further searches.

So, several days ago, I had a small cut the would NOT stop bleeding. The meds I am on, I assume. Stptic pencil and all. I used that bandage in a bottle.

Today, that "bandage" came off... same deal.

So, I had an idea. A wad of asswipe and... the stove range hood. My range exhaust hood is not vented to the outdoors (yeah, I know). I put the fan on high and alternately sucked up the blood next to the wound and put the wound in the way of the air from the hood fan.

Worked a charm! I shall bandage it loosely before retiring.

A "blow dryer" would work even better. Especially if your stove exhaust hood isn't vented outside.