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Posted By: Rowan
18-Jan-10 - 06:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: PC or Mac nicely, please!
Subject: RE: BS: PC or Mac nicely, please!
When Macs first appeared I had been using mainframes and then CP/M (a lovely old Kaypro) and I was involved in a decision at the school where I worked about computer acquisition. It boiled down to a choice between Macs and Micro$oft; both are actually "PCs". We got a couple of Mac Pluses and, in the first week, assisted by our Apple IIc running the original (non-MIcro$oft) ProDos, we set up an exercise where we took a day for 70 students to produce (from scratch) 70 copies of a 70-page booklet with everything from texts, crosswords puzzles, graphics and database reports. It helped that the same keyboard commands had the same effects, irrespective of the application involved.

At the time, everything except Macs were all 'open architecture', meaning that the sorts of people who, previously, had regarded a car engine as something that could be endlessly pulled apart and modified, could now do the same with their computers. It took a long time before the benefits of standardisation were realised and developers rationalised keyboard commands across applications.

So, I've found it easier (for more than 20 years, now), much the same time as Jack and for similar reasons, to stay with Macs and have found, on those occasions when I've had to use Windows machines, that my productivity has diminished. So, I've kept with Macs. My LCIII still works OK (and I still have my original Mac SE30, as well as the KayPro, but neither is being used) but I prefer the Macs, which I have both at work and at home, for all the sorts of things that Gervase mentions. Although "only 7%" of us use Macs, it means that we don't get targeted by nasties as much as Windows users, and it's been a long time since I've had to deal with any sort of crash.

I can't use mobile phone synchronisation, GIS and some data-logging applications on the Macs without firing up Windows (doable on any Mac with Intel-Duo or -Quadro core fitted; standard on the newer ones) but they don't occupy much of my computer use.

And Villan's point, about the pool of people who can assist in times of crisis, is diminished when you consider the assisters at Mudcat. Admittedly, JohninKansas is the complete Windows guru here but, whenever a Tech: thread has mentioned a problem someone's having on a Mac, there's always been a swag of helpers ready with useful advice.

All the best to you.

Cheers, Rowan