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Posted By: Barbara
20-Aug-00 - 12:07 AM
Thread Name: Jokes about Musicians
Subject: RE: Jokes about Musicians
Here's a truly musical joke, about a musician, and I will tell you how to tell it, but to work it has to be heard rather than read. OK?
There's this brilliant perfectionist clarinet player, part of a combo, and he and the rest of the band are playing the rooftop garden or a really fancy French bistro in Paris.
After a while someone in the restaurant starts a challenge: they name a tune and the band plays it. If they succeed, he buys a round, if they fail, they have to quit playing.
Well, the clarinetist is carrying them. Guy names a tune, he immediately starts to play it (you can provide some cues here, like "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'; name it and then sing it).
Then the guy says "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", and the clarinetist launches into it, but when he hits the bridge, he locks. Total blank. He absolutely cannot remember the bridge. The guy smirks. Clarinetist starts again (you sing it here). Once again freezes on the bridge. (you stop at that point, stumped). "All right," he shouts, "I'll get it right or I'll kill myself!" (sing it again, stop at the bridge [the bridge starts with the "Where troubles melt like lemon drops"] after a pause, scream). The clarinet player throws down his instrument, tears across the dining area, and flings himself over the edge of the roof. He drops 15 stories, and hits the pavement, and as he is lying there, dying, the last thing he hears is the ambulance coming. (imitate the sound of a french ambulance: the intervals are the same as the beginning of the bridge).