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Posted By: akenaton
23-Dec-09 - 05:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: A war with drugs
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
Falco...There's a lot of truth and sense in your post, but you fail to address the psychiatric condition of most addicts.

Of course medication is not the whole answer, or even a small part of the answer,but proper psychiatric help in conjunction with medicationcould be.

A lot of the addicts I know are "bi polar" or suffer from what used to be called manic depression. Others are simply depressed or have no sense of personal worth.

How they first got into that situation is a problem that society must address......why do so many of our young people feel disconnected to the rest of society, worthless and why do they feel they must hide behind opiates rather than join in real life.

Is it perhaps that "real life" no longer exists....