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Posted By: akenaton
22-Dec-09 - 08:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: A war with drugs
Subject: RE: BS: A war with drugs
Falco...I'm sorry but you are really wrong here. I have quite a bit of experience in this subject and I'm afraid there are very few "Smiling Do-gooders" involved with the support or treatment of addicts.
I too gave up cigarettes many years ago, but that can never be equated with getting off heroin. Getting off the official prescribed substitute (methadone) is much harder still.
Most addicts are in addition, battling against their personal psychological demons....locking them up would be ineffective as well as unaffordable.
As I said already we need a long term and expensive re-habilitation programme containing psychiatric and medical follow -up, after withdrawal from addiction.

Unfortunately, as most people share your opinion that this is a self inflicted problem and a sign of "moral weakness"
Politicians are going to be unwilling to make the funds for such a programme available.