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Posted By: Mr Red
19-Dec-09 - 04:53 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Smartphone vs iPhone
Subject: RE: Tech: Smartphone vs iPhone
iPhone has the marketing right. I would doubt it has all the technology right. It would run counter to experience. It is the Betamax/VHS race all over again. Purchaseable software was the key then, and it is now.

The real problem with smart phones is that they can be hacked remotely by methods more methods than yer average PC: WiFi, Bluetooth, on-line and the Apps that demand on-line automatically. Did we ever learn anything from history?

Apple are no more immune than anyone, and like MS on the PC if they are the biggest target - they will be the one to get the most attention from miscreants.

Just like the PC you have to be wary of the invisible and Virus and Firewall type Apps are out there to protect you.

Plus ca Change.