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Posted By: GUEST,cleod
15-Aug-00 - 07:28 AM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
I have four cats that live on the balcony and 10 downstairs that are either strays that find their way here during storms (it rains cats here, not cats and dogs) and decided to settle in and raise a family or part of the great cat dynasty - over 5 cat generations so far, started by one single cat that was given to us by my dad's friend.

the cats downstairs are Maximillian (3rd gen. - black/white male - i actually watched him being born! ^_^ i guess that's why he's my favorite), Ricky (3rd gen. - ginger/white male - Max's 2nd cousin and very affectionate), ShadowCat (black female, stray, won't come near you unless you have food), Neeson and Arki(4th gen. - ginger/white females, they don;t like people), Zoey (tri-colored female, stray and also an affectionate kitty), Zoey's unnamed sibling, and 3 unnamed kittens (2 ginger/white, 1 black/white). There used to be others, but Splotch (Max's bro, black/white) left when Max came back after being gone for 3 years) and Heather (Max's sis and mom of the two ginger/white kittens) died when she was running decoy for her kittens - our dogs, Cookie and Brandy (dalmatian and boxer) got her instead of them.

the ones on the balcony are Kildare (tri-colored female that i picked up as a month old kitten at the local flea market), her two kittens by Splotch (Laoghaire - girl, Kinley - guy, both tri-colored) and Graeme (i got him from a local breeder, he's a Shorthair/Siamese but looks like his dad {the shorthair} so he's a grey and black spotted tabby). I just got all the balcony cats back from the vet - they had to be dewormed, and it cost me an arm and a leg!!! Still, the two days without them was very lonely...