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Posted By: bfdk
27-Nov-09 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Happy Birthday bfdk
Subject: RE: BS: Happy Birthday bfdk
Wow! Thanks for all the b'day wishes everybody!

I had a great day, initially busy with baking for the expected influx and having to deal with several phone calls in between. Then one load of visitors, my remaining aunts and uncles, and after they left a friend stopped by for some tea and remaining cake (another had to cancel due to workload, but I'll see her some other time).

Milloup did have a few scraps of cake, I know, although my uncles think I didn't see them being snuck under the table.. And he managed to roll onto his back and drop off the legrest of the sofa into a 20 cm crevice between sofa and wall. Emerged from there with slightly dented ego, I think :o)

Today it's nose back to the grindstone, but I've still got homemade Danish pastry and apple pie :-)

Please, Micca and Laurel, can I have rum and coke or Jägertea instead of akvavit? I loathe the stuff. You can have my share.. :o))

Best wishes,