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Posted By: Steve Gardham
22-Nov-09 - 04:06 PM
Thread Name: Shool, shool, shool la rue
Subject: RE: Shool, shool, shool la rue
Just to partly back up A Scot's statement here's a part of a 17thc broadside ballad 'The North-countrey Maids Resolution & Love to her Sweetheart'
Her Daddy and Mammy she'l rather forsake,
Then be separated from her loving Mate:
She sold all her Linnen, her Goods and her Geer
And follows her Sweet-heart his Snapsack to bear.
'As from Newcastle I did pass
I heard a blithe and bonny Lass,
Who in the Scottish Army was,
Saying, prethee le me gang with thee man,
Unto a Cavaliero Blade,
As I suppose, her moan she made,
Foe ever more these words she said,
Ile follow my cavalilly man,
       O my dainty Cavalilly man
       My finnikin Cavalilly man
       For God's cause and the Protestants
       I prithee le me gang with thee man.

I'll sell my Rock and eke my Reel,
And after that my Spinning wheel,
To buy my love a Cap of Speel,
And follow my Cavalilly man.

st 4
I'le pawn my Kirtle and eke my Gowne,
Which cost my Mother many a Crowne,
And goe with thee from Town to Town,
Then prethee le me gang with thee man:
I'll sell my petticoat from my back,
My smock and all ere thou shalt lack,
For either Money, Beer or sack,
The prethee etc

+a fifth stanza.

All of the stanzas in Shule Agra can be found variously on 18th century English and Scottish broadsides, and properly should be considered commonplaces.