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Posted By: Crow Sister (off with the fairies)
30-Oct-09 - 05:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: The problem at Mudcat? Moderated thread
Subject: RE: BS: The problem at Mudcat? Moderated thread
Well bar this LC:

"And now I'll leave all those with The Christian Agenda to argue over big C's and little c's..and which means what..

I'm not 'a Christian' nor anything else, but I have tremendous Faith, something that's always been inside me, just 'there'...but I tell you what, this ol' world could sure do with a Jesus right now, or a Buddha, or a Mohammed..

And the Americans and Canadians are pretty darn cool....whilst the Bloomin' English are hellbent on being as bitchy and bogminded as they can possibly be, because we have become a culture of spite, where put downs score points..."

I could give you a big fat English-arsed hug! Because I personally think Mudcat works pretty well considering it;s a ferment of so many different countries and cultures. Of course I was barracked a bit by one of the resident Xtians over my use of a word to be readily found in the OED, but never mind - I was just pointing out that Christian is as christian does!