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Posted By: irishenglish
29-Oct-09 - 12:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: The problem at Mudcat? Moderated thread
Subject: RE: BS: The problem at Mudcat? Moderated thread
This leaves me baffled frankly. I haven't been on here the last 6 months or so too often, but I get the gist of what is going on here. I even posted in some of the BNP threads, and will plead full guilt to engaging, sometimes nastily, with a certain poetic member of Mudcat, whose inane ideas on music left me scratching my head many a time. I've had dustups with people too on occasion, though I won't mention names. I like to think that on occasion I have also eased back with same said person...found a light hearted moment, or try to at least say, well I don't agree with you overall, but on that one fact we are in complete agreement.

Yet, based purely on gut reaction, I cannot in BNP or similar threads, contain my utter disdain for everything, EVERYTHING that they stand for. This notion that I should feel bad for "ganging" up on a member of the BNP, as well as Mudcat, for playing the woe is me line makes my blood boil. As I've said many times on here there is a time for niceness, and theres a time for not being nice, and quite frankly, hiding behind the-I only ran because no other party was addressing this issue, so I chose the party with a Holocaust denier is weak. I think it IS acceptable to question that with someone, I think it IS reasonable to say if your BNP..take it somewhere else. If no one takes up a contrary position-where does that leave Mudcat? I'm supposed to engage the BNP elements on here with humour, taste, or by flat out ignoring them? Not how I operate.

Another thing I have suggested, more than once now applies here, since this seems to be a state of the Mudcat moment. Learn from some other forums. I remember when I joined was the most convoluted setup for joining. They do not accept gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or any of the other main ones for initially starting up your username, if you do, you get rejected. Moderators abound, and there is a picture of said moderator, with the words Moderator for every one of their posts, something I have never, never understood why Mudcat does not employ. What would it take for you to change Mudcat to that type of system-to have mods omnipresent, and not just have the occasional deleted post after someone has alerted you, or have threads go on for 200 posts before we see the first RED ALERT from Joe warning us all to behave.

Like I said, I will plead guilty to losing my cool. I will also admit that I think I am one of the nicest people you will ever disagree with....until you cross that line into something that we should all find abhorrent. Why must I play nice in that case?

Joe, Mick everyone, your great guys, and Joe your opening salvo was obviously building up over time here. I fundamentally disagree though that this place, this forum has to follow some cookie cutter line regarding certain subject matters. If there were threads about child porn, the thread and its participants would be gone right? This is the reason why I haven't been around much. I got tired of seeing people, good people on mudcat, be called out for raising their voice.