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Posted By: GUEST,jts
28-Oct-09 - 11:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: The problem at Mudcat? Moderated thread
Subject: RE: BS: The problem at Mudcat? Moderated thread
Anti Cristian bigotry?

If you want to show people how they can express their issues with religion in a civilized way maybe you can point out some better examples. I am impressed by Christopher Hitchens. I think his point of view is rubbish. But he expresses it in a civilized manner. On the other hand maybe you can keep the rabid christian-bashers at bay by calling them second rate Hitchens'

But as you look for ways to curb Christianity bashers, will you equally crack down on other bigotries? Anti Muslim Bigotry has been pretty common here. If you enforce such morality for one, in my opinion, it must be for all.

Its hard for many people to discuss politics and religion and stay friends. As long as you have those discussions about either of those issues, people will leave. Lively discussion is one of the hallmarks of this place. I would not like to see it stifled.

But also consider that the people leaving are not being forced to read those threads. Maybe they simply want to get back at someone who offended them and they are using you as their catspaw.

As far as the BNP goes, anyone who comes here supporting the BNP is asking for trouble. Most of recent folk music is the total antithesis of what the BNP stands for. I would suggest that those who feel the need to express their dislike for the BNP would be better served by doing so in song. Woody Guthrie and others have provided some excellent templates.