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Posted By: artbrooks
28-Oct-09 - 06:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: The problem at Mudcat? Moderated thread
Subject: RE: BS: The problem at Mudcat? Moderated thread
OK - I really can't comment intelligently about the BNP and the pros and cons of the on-going discussion, so I won't. And I've been taken to task, justifiably or not, for using the term "Yank-basher" about some of our friends from the UK, so I won't say that either.   However, it does seem to me that a significant number (or perhaps its a small number of loud individuals) of our across-the-pond colleagues don't recognize the very wide range that the term "Christian" can cover in this country.   I see many comments that indicate that they lump all believers together - that is, to them the high-church Lutheran and the pray-out-the-devil snake-handling Free Pentecostal are identical...and equally foolish.

Europe, generally, is much less religious than the US, but I hope that people there can accept that we are not where they are.   I am not a religious person myself, but I hope I recognize the difference between non- and anti-religious.    A bit of respect for the beliefs of others, shared or not, would be welcome.