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Posted By: Azizi
29-Sep-09 - 02:50 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Concentration (kids' game)
Subject: RE: Origins: Concentration (kids' game)
Here are three examples of concentration handclap games from

"How about this: remember this game that was played, usually with five or more people, and you have to name a certain number of things that was related to a particular subject? The chant went something like this: "HANDS DOWN VANILLA FIVE (CLAP CLAP) GONNA GET (CLAP CLAP) ONE-A-PIECE (CLAP CLAP) TO NO-A-PIECE (CLAP CLAP) NO HESITATION...(CLAP CLAP) NO DEMONSTRATION (CLAP CLAP) SUBJECT (CLAP CLAP) NAMES OF (CLAP CLAP) (enter subject name here)" Usually, the subject name was boys, or cars, or teachers....and after each round, the number of things you had to name went up....that used to be my FAVORITE GAME!! lol"
-PrettyPetite (African American woman; ATL, GA by way of Miami, FL;


Ours went like this:

"Hands up to eighty-five (clap, clap), Gonna get (clap, clap), Names of (clap, clap),_________(fill in the blank w/ names of boys, colors, food, whatever), No hesitation (clap, clap), No demonstration (clap, clap) So let's go...."
-ZChi4Life (African American woman); December 30, 2000


Okay....our Hands up for 85 wnet like this:

Hands up for '85 (clap clap) it's gonna be (clap clap) a big surprise (clap clap) no repeats or hesitation-concentration (clap clap) naaames oooof _____________ (category) (clap clap) starting with ___________(persons name).

It's interesting to see how the same hand game had different verses. I wonder if it depended on your region or your era
-Diamon,(African American woman; New Jersey; 01-01-2001