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Posted By: Lox
14-Sep-09 - 04:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Evolution ... or perhaps not ...
Subject: RE: BS: Evolution ... or perhaps not ...
I agree with Art that this film would not be able to compete with the likes of Ninja Cheerleaders in Waynes world etc and that that is what the marketplace is currently saturated with and what the consumer is buying.

However, I don't make the jump from that point to this one:

"The subject is more suited to a BBC drama program and/or limited distribution."

The fact is that the issues and debates surounding Darwin, evolution, creationism, intelligent design etc are big news these days, especially in America, but also in the rest of the world.

The debate is fierce in the USA and it isn't entirely unrealistic to consider that if some schools in America insist on teaching creationism alongside evolution as an alternative 'theory' (regardless of what the word theory means) and if this is sanctioned by government, then there is a realistic possibility that a film like this could run up against plenty of opposition, especially as, unlike "origin of species", it includes his loss of faith in religion and the idea of a personal God.

So if the theory if evolution is blasphemy, what is this film.

In America this film is relevant and may well be a hit despite the best efforts of those so allegedly against it.

As an aside - I enjoyed the term "american taliban" used to describe the religious right wing in the USA and it amuses me that islamist extremists and those who are so dedicated to defending the world from them hold such similar views.