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Posted By: mauvepink
14-Sep-09 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Evolution ... or perhaps not ...
Subject: RE: BS: Evolution ... or perhaps not ...
I have just seen the trailer on (UK) terrestrial television. It seems quite innocuous except a line where someone says "you have just killed God"! That was never Darwin's intention. His sole purpose was to report what he had observesd and found on his world travels and postulate their meaning. He never discovered or created evolution because it was already there. He simply reported it. I have no idea what anyone would fear from this biographical film unless they fear it may update their own ideas and maybe even prove interesting?

Sinsull: Probably one of the biggest evolutionary hot spots on the planet just now are the Hawaiin Islands. There is some speciation there that is occurring at such a rate, and can be shown, simply because of geographical seperation so the book you mention sounds spot on.

I, like those here who already mentioned it, cannot see why the existence of God and Evolution cannot go hand in hand or at least be complimetary rather than competitive. One explanation can feed the mind and other can feed the soul perhqaps? Evolution is so simple in its basis and yet so complex in it's expression. I am sure it is a real natural occurrence. I certainly struggle with a great deal of science that calls for 'special pleading' (which could also be called faith) so am trying to find a way to unify the two for myself. I even refer to myself as a Christian Agnostic in many ways. I would hope all people can find their own way through the mesh of life and that others can respect each other's place within creation. It will be interersting to see where this film leads the dissenters on all sides. I think Mr Dawkins is far more better when wearing his scientist's hat than when attacking people's belief systems... but that is just my opinion. I think him a brilliant mind and scientist - certainly a latter day "Darwin's Bulldog" - but even he must know faith, even if only in his own ideas :-)

Darwin would never, could never, kill God. It was not his way and it was that very respect that troubled him for so long before he published. He was a brilliant scientist, a loving husband and dedicated father. I never think of him as a bad man and if anyone has ever read of his private letters they would know he was good at heart.