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Posted By: Stu
14-Sep-09 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Evolution ... or perhaps not ...
Subject: RE: BS: Evolution ... or perhaps not ...
"I went to Catholic school and they taught us about evolution with no conflict with faith in God. Only those who take the bible literally become hung up on creation/evolution."

But here's why I believe science and religion differ (Alice - this is not personal to you but your post sort of illustrates a point I'm trying to make). How do we decide which bit is which? Let some bloke in a frock tell us on Sunday morning? Personal revelation? Profound insight? Guess? . . . perhaps cherry pick the bits that are easiest to digest and absorb into our own personal value system.

The conflict is the most fundamental foundations of each system are massively different because one relies on zero evidence and total faith and one relies on empirical evidence and zero faith. This profound difference colours every observation and any conclusion drawn from those observations; they are irreconcilable.